10 Best Quotes from Cashflow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

cashflow quadrant robert kiyosaki

Book – Cashflow Quadrant

Author – Robert Kiyosaki

You can't do that doesn't necessarily means you can't. It more often means they can't do.

If you're in a poker game and after 20min, you don't know who the patsy is, then you're the patsy.

Personally I am ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

You cannot teach a person anything. You can only help him find it within himself.

Build businesses and buy real estate.

Game reflect behaviour - A game is like a mirror that allows you to look at yourself.

Mind your own business.

Take control of your cashflow and minimise your spending.

Running away from mistakes is taking the easy way out.

Make mistakes and start small. The key is to take actions.

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