20 Best Quotes from Fastlane Millionaire by MJ Demarco

fastlane millionaire

Book – Millionaire Fastlane

Author – MJ DeMarco

Post – Quotes from Millionaire Fastlane

Genre – Business

Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from.

WEALTH - Three f's Family, Fitness, Freedom

The richest moments of my life occured when I was surrounded by friends/loved ones. Wealth cannot be experienced alone in a vacuum.

I'd rather live in regret of failure than in regret of never trying.

The amount of money you have is a direct reflection on the amount of value you have provided.

Scale creates millionaires. Magnitude creates millionaire. Scale and Magnitude creates billionaire.

You are responsible for the journey and first step in taking charge of you, is to own you.

If you retrace poverty's footprints you will find that poorness starts at the exact same place : Choice.

Problems with past is that we remember memories we shouldn't and we don't forget what we should.

Value your time poorly and you will be poor. Time is gas tank of life.

If things seems under control, you are just not going fast enough.

Interest reads a book; commitment applies the book 50 times.

The sweat of success is failure and I am soaking wet.

Opportunity drives through your neighbourhood frequently. It droves unannounced.

The owner of an idea is not he who imagines it, but he who executes it.

Business plans are useless until they are married to execution. They are useless because they are ideas on steroids.

Your choices are made in a moment but their consequences will transcend lifetime.

Pledge to never stop learning.

Today's road that diverges one degree from your goal will be divergent 90 degree from now.

Make better choices and your first choice should be examination of your past choices.

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